We act as a Liaison between Food Businesses and FSSAI. This covers Registration/Licensing, Guidance on Labelling and Packaging, Food Safety Audits, Training, Guidance on Food Testing and other regulatory standards laid down by FSSAI. These services are mainly aimed to mitigate or prevent altogether any potential violations that a food business might commit and hence, avoid penalties. 

  • FSSAI Registration 

    Any Business with a revenue totalling less than 12 lacs per annum need only get registered with FSSAI. 

  • FSSAI Licensing

    Any Food Business with a revenue beyond 12 Lacs per annum can be categorised under State or Central Licensing. 

  • Guidance on Labelling and Packaging

    Creating full and correct awareness among customers of the product is the prime objective of Labelling. Wrongful labelling not only misleads the customers but can also lead to violation of FSSAI Regulation and laws. 

  • Food Safety Audit & Training

    The most important procedure in any food establishment is to conduct regular audits. It also involves training the staff to set expectations for full adherence to food safety and hygiene standards. 

  • Guidance on Food Testing

    Food Testing helps us to quantify the standards of the food being sold or served. Apart from this it also provides us with certain consumer awareness information. get in touch with us to know more. 

  • Value addition training

    Providing feedback from the Food Industry to the student community is very important for them to gain practical knowledge. In this regard, we offer value addition course to students as well as Diploma schools based on their need, appraising them of prevalent ant practices, latest developments and Job opportunities in this field. 

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